Trade shows have long been a standard annual budget item for B2B marketers as a way to meet face-to-face with the decision makers, find new partners, and discover new products.

After spending innumerable hours and dollars on attractive booths and flashy giveaways, many companies are abandoning trade shows or questioning their value. While these events can do wonders for brand awareness and lead generation, they also can consume large amounts of time and money with little return. 

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when exhibiting at a trade show is collecting plenty of cards and generating leads and then failing to follow up on them. The redundant question after attending trade show: How to get your money’s worth at trade shows? 

Trade shows, which cost significantly more in terms of fixed costs than the average online marketing campaign, are all too often subject to a belief that ROI simply isn’t possible to measure. Without measuring your trade show ROI, it’s impossible to know whether you’re generating any profit at all from your marketing. 

Trade show value is measured in tangible and intangible benefits. The key to measuring your trade show ROI is to turn your goals into metrics that are easy to quantify with mobile sales nurturing and marketing automation SaaS applications: 

  • Measure how well you attracted quality leads
  • Measure the success of your lead capture system
  • Measure how well you nurtured your leads
  • Measure your success closing deals



How do You Measure Trade Show ROI?

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