• Increase deal closing rate
  • Spend more time selling
  • Access sales material anywhere anytime


  • Reps as brand ambassadors
  • Centralize marketing material
  • Ensure brand consistency


  • Managed your sales force
  • Increase sales channel efficiency
  • Facilitate sales training

How it works

Design customization

Easily customize the platform to your brand. Modify instantly logo, colors and font through an intuitive management interface.

Enhanced product catalog

Smartly present your products using a multiple format reader and improve the sales experience through high resolution images, HD videos, PDFs and HTML 5 files.

Sales session recording and sharing

Record products viewed and buying process paths. Nurture leads by sharing this information in real time with your prospects.

Multilingual platform

Back-end and front-end integrate multilingual built-in capabilities. More than 50 languages available.

Advanced analytics

Capture and analyze on-the-road customer interactions by tracking multiple metrics such as products viewed, most popular categories, sales sessions duration, and more.

Cloud data storage and synching

Always have the latest sales and marketing material available anywhere, anytime. Easily upload multimedia files to your private cloud space on our servers.

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